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Cheetos packets a punch with its targeted Bilibili strategy

Cheetos, the beloved snack brand, has a growing fan base on Bilibili and has successfully attracted young consumers through strong advertising strategies.

The brand intends to use the language of young people to interpret the selling point, re-establish its quality image, and continue to co-opt young people in the face of the endless effects of new products in the industry.

Therefore, in deep cooperation with Bilibili on Cheetos Corncob, Cheetos has created such seasonal themes as ‘Scream Cinema’, ‘Happy Hand Shaking Dance’ and ‘Instant Changing into Social Chameleon’, respectively for Halloween, summer vacation, and back-to-school seasons, focusing on the selling point of rich flavor. In addition, Cheetos leverages the platform’s capabilities, such as highly repetitive content, auto-tune remix-themed content, ‘playing Memes’ and more to continuously produce memorable content with uploaders, thereby expanding its reach among young people and attracting Bilibili users.

The marketing strategy of ‘Always on + festival impact’ is implemented to turn festival excitement into brand traffic by progressively drawing customers and appealing to target groups with engaging content on an ongoing basis.

Results: the brand ranks #2 in the food and beverage market on Bilibili and has acquired a total of 65,000 Blue V fans.

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