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Chevrolet hits a high note with wacky SUV ad on TikTok

Chevrolet Colombia created a pitch perfect ad on TikTok, by jumping on a popular trend and showing everyone that brands can be just as whimsical as creators. The verdict? 8.4 million organic views and a standing ovation in the comment section.

The ad starts with a clip that has been going viral on TikTok for a while. Kate Lorell, relatively unknown at the time, is filming herself to show off her outfit, but accidentally hurts her back when she bumps into her bed frame, makes a very funny high-pitched noise while gently stumbling over and then stops the recording. The video struck a chord with the TikTok community who have since created 79.5K videos duetting or stitching her video, adding their creative twist to her funny ‘ah moment’. 

Car manufacturer Chevrolet wasn’t expected to be one of those accounts. But they did, they jumped on the trend by stitching her video with a funky soundtrack inspired by her iconic note, paired with quick clips showcasing one of their latest models from their SUV range. With a short caption simply put, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh La Traverse RS”, the brand perfectly captured the odd sense of humour that thrives on TikTok.

@chevroletcolombiaAhhhhhhhh La Traverse RS 🥹🤣♬ original sound – Kate 💥

The video has racked up over a million likes and has TikTok’s younger audience weak at the knees and folded over in LOLs, with comments such as: “This is the best advertisement I have ever seen.” “I’m getting a Chevy.” And my personal favourite: “Chevvy really did that?”

It’s a lesson for every brand on TikTok or any brand marketing to Gen Z and younger: tune in to trends. And don’t always take yourself so seriously. Take note: there’s a lot of appreciation for brands who can interact and communicate in the same way as creators do.

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