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Chupa Chups slides on to Roblox with Skate & Create game

The Chupa Chups Skate & Create game launched on Roblox at the end of August. It is a prime example of how understanding the audience and striving for authenticity on the platform can bring outstanding results.

Chupa Chups is an iconic lollipop brand that wanted to build cultural relevance among teenagers and a lasting emotional connection with Gen Z audiences in the UK. They wanted to maintain its significance as the fun, iconic, market-leading brand that they are.

A Deloitte study show 98% of UK Gen Zers are gamers of some kind, and on average play nearly 5 days a week! Following an in-depth research into the audience and its behaviours on gaming platforms, Wavemaker UK and Perfetti Van Melle alighted on Roblox as the environment to build new connections with a younger audience.

Chupa Chups’ mission is very much reflected in the game, primarily focusing on creativity and fun.

In the first iteration or beta version, players can head out into the city alone or with friends and other players to spread their creativity with street art by collecting spray cans and then painting stencils inspired by Chupa Chups flavours on their own or together as a group.

Players can earn creds through painting or performing tricks and jumps as they skate through the city or deliver Chupa packages. Creds can be spent on the most stylish Chupa-branded items to adorn their avatars and further express themselves and their personality within the game.

The game is colourful fun and, since its launch, consistently beats the dwell time benchmarks by over 140%!

I believe the key to success was the time spent defining the brand’s role in the gaming space, building a long-term vision for its presence and roadmap that can take Chupa Chups there. And last but not least, selecting the right partner to create the game with. Roblox is inundated with brand world builds and activations, so we chose the best partner for the job, Misfits, who were able to offer a turnkey custom build and pair it with one-of-a-kind influencer support through their own innovative, creator-backed Roblox studio, “Pixel Playground“.

Go and play Chupa Chups Skate & Create now and watch this space as next year we’re unveiling another exciting chapter in Chupa Chups x Roblox relationship.

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