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Danone promotes Alpro by milking Tesco’s retail media

Danone’s recent promotion for Alpro, powered by Wavemaker UK, is a best-in-class example of how brands can activate across retail media. Teams harnessed an addressable strategy, and through smart planning attributed specific audiences to specific sales.

Alpro is the UK’s leading alternative milk brand boasting a range of oat, almond, soya and coconut milks. They are listed in all major grocers in the UK and have high brand awareness which makes retail media the perfect place to precisely identify audiences and target them with personalised messages. Alpro are also a brand, that like many CPGs, are not able to measure the sales directly attributed from media exposures within 14 days. Tesco’s Dunnhumby Sphere – Tesco’s self-service media platform, and an all-in-one solution for sell-side retailers wishing to maximise retail media revenues – was utilised in this activation due to Tesco’s Clubcard which has 21M users and therefore sales are matched easily back to the user.

Pouring a success story, Alpro has used retailer audiences from Tesco’s Dunnhumby Sphere to plug into offsite and onsite media channels and have layered on addressable creatives to personalise the consumer journey. These audiences are then matched back to a sale, meaning they have ‘closed the loop’ and measured the full impact of this omnichannel campaign.

This campaign was brilliant because of three reasons:

  1. Firstly the audience targeting, created by Wavemaker UK, utilised insights from Dunnhumby meant that we identified in-market and out of category audiences with a high propensity to convert to Alpro.
  2. These audiences were all analysed by Wavemaker’s addressable team to create assets that would best resonate with the consumer, meaning that each consumer felt the message was relevant.
  3. These audiences and creatives were then plugged into a full funnel omnichannel media campaign and therefore we exposed customers throughout their path to purchase.

The results have been impressive, with the current campaign delivering 15-25% new customers! Find out more

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