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DoorDash and Wavemaker hunt down success on Twitch

Wavemaker and DoorDash Canada ran an Easter-themed campaign focused on driving awareness and engagement for an exclusive free Egg McMuffin offer only available on the DoorDash app.

The campaign utilised LEMYNAID, a popular Canadian Twitch streamer with a solid fan base and large concurrent viewership in her weekly stream. Her vibrant personality and engagement with her audience through chat and on camera made her a no-brainer choice for this interactive and layered stream concept. The activation turned her stream into an actual Easter egg hunt, with her followers having the chance to earn gift codes and support the exclusive offer.

LEMYNAID’s avatar was a cooky goat with immense power in an open world. The activation consisted of a goofy challenges and references made for a light-hearted and engaging stream experience. It gave the opportunity to highlight and celebrate both DoorDash and McDonald’s partnership in a genuine and interactive manner. The stream also saw LEMYNAID completing five McDonald-inspired easter egg hunt challenges, with the help of her viewers. Once each challenge was completed, an exclusive gift was given out.

The Five Challenges included:

  1. I’m Hungry, No Cap: Find Captain America’s Shield.
  2. Delivering Nemo?: Is it weird that I am thinking about a Filet-O-Fish?
  3. You’re a Snack: Pull a Pinocchio and deliver yourself to the hungry whale.
  4. Pick Up At The Counter…Strike: Find Counter-Strike Map, Dust
  5. Since You’ve Bean Gone: Grow a magic beanstalk and collect the Golden Goat Statue at the top.

Delivering an egg-cellent result, the campaign performed incredibly well, delivering over 470k views (18% above benchmark), 380k uniques (26% above benchmark) and a whopping 1.13 million minutes watched.

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