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DoorDash and Wavemaker score big with Twitch partnership

DoorDash wanted to position itself as a vital player within World Cup content, while capturing the attention of younger gaming audiences. To achieve this, the DoorDash Wavemaker team leveraged their partnership with Twitch and featured on their Men in Blazers (MiB) channel.

MiB and Twitch produced over 80+ hours of content centred around the World Cup. This included their popular road tour live shows, preview shows and live watchalongs throughout the tournament, from group play through to the World Cup Final.

Through this partnership DoorDash entered the conversation of World Cup content and tapped into the psyche of hardcore soccer fans. The DoorDash brand was integrated into several MiB episodes and utilised Twitch’s targeting capabilities to build hype and reach soccer fans throughout Q4.

The sponsored episode included homepage ownership on the day of their stream, as well as featured logos, custom branded overlays, host and talent voice-overs and custom branded segments. The campaign scored big by exceeding the streamer goal by 700%, as well as the channel engagement benchmark by 400%.

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