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Fanta and Bilibili find a home in the metaverse

Fanta delves deeper into the meta-universe for their new product launch. This step has enabled people to actively participate in the brand’s marketing operations by releasing limited-edition digital collector avatars.

Based on Bilibili’s implementation of the meta-universe, Fanta and the platform have co-created “Cheers! Fanta” inspired by new products and classic flavours, unleashing the first batch of digital collection avatars in China. Fully leveraging the platform’s IP, “Bilibili Cheers”, the Fanta let their loyal users use the brand’s virtual assets and share them for more extended time in the online community.

Highlights of the campaign include:

  • Utilising young people’s blind-box hunting mentality and encouraging connection and consumption among consumers.
  • Beginning with the content, which naturally led into the conversion chain, inspiring in-depth interaction with digital collectables and establishing a trend based on content locations, which increased conversion using traffic from applets.

The result? The topic has garnered over 130 million views and 144,000 discussions on Bilibili.

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