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Garnier’s 24h streaming sleepover is an overnight success

Garnier Philippines, with media planning and strategy by Wavemaker Philippines, mounted its first ever 24h livestream marathon on TikTok last summer to launch their new overnight serum. No movie magic, no shortcuts, no commercial breaks. Just 24 hours of live beauty entertainment that worked wonders at driving engagement and sales.

Starting from 12 a.m., viewers could tune in to watch one streamer in bed, genuinely trying to test the new overnight serum. People watching the stream could buy the serum, which prompted pranks in real time on the sleeping influencer, who was woken up in funny ways, like by a balloon popping. A quirky execution that captures the playful spirit of TikTok.

The audience could also watch their favourite big-time celebrities talk about the new product, and bag endless Garnier goodies along the way. The stream was a huge success thanks to a careful selection of talent, irresistible teasers, and truly unique executions. Don’t believe it? Let the numbers do the talking. The stream attracted 3.9 times more viewers and generated 4.4 times higher gross merchandise value (GMV) versus regular pay day streams.

It also got an astounding click-through rate of 44%. It went way above Garnier’s goal, achieving 106% of its total sales and revenue in just one day. Living up to the overnight serum’s promise: unimaginably glowing results can truly be achieved overnight.

What can global brands learn from this campaign? Shopping on TikTok is huge in this category, with Nielsen IQ data showing that 84% of TikTok Shop US sales fell in the beauty and personal care sector in 2023. To get a slice of that revenue pie, brands can’t sleep on creativity. Do something unexpected to entertain your audience. I hope this case will inspire you to dream big.

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