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Glossier paints Millennium Park pink with larger-than-life installation

Glossier, the ever-growing and popular beauty brand known for its minimalist and Instagram-worthy products, has opened a permanent store in Chicago. To promote the new store and increase brand awareness, Glossier decided to install a life-sized installation statue of its perfume YOU, which provided photo opportunities for customers and fans alike.

The 13-foot-long statue, located in Chicago’s Millennium Park, quickly became a hit on social media, especially on TikTok. Customers and fans were encouraged to take pictures with the installation and share them on social media, and within no time, managed to not only paint Millennium Park pink, but also gain maximum visibility on TikTok. From beauty-bloggers to park-goers, everyone was seen taking a selfie with the ginormous pink bottle.

The campaign generated a lot of buzz and earned media, as people shared their pictures and experiences at the store with their followers.

The use of social media and experiential marketing is not new for Glossier. The brand has always relied on its community of fans and customers to promote its products and create a sense of belonging. By creating a memorable Instagram and TikTok-worthy experience, Glossier was able to tap into the power of social media and generate buzz around the opening of its new store. The search term ‘Glossier at Millennium Park’ is now sitting at 1.7 billion views, need we say more?

Glossier continuously proves that experiential marketing and social media are essential for brands to connect with their customers and create a loyal community. By providing a unique and memorable experience, brands can create a lasting impression and generate earned media and buzz that elevates the brand like nothing else!

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