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Gu Ming sips on success thanks to insights from RED

Gu Ming is a hugely popular milk tea brand and they have launched their new product series ‘Small Longjing Green Cup’. Designed using data insights from RED (Xiaohongshu), it has successfully transitioned from a new product to an explosive one on RED’s website.

A powerful platform for planting and developing concepts among young people, RED shows the segmented desire for food consumption among young people.

The Longjing series is in a “blue sea” market which is selected using the website’s data insights, and Two resounding standouts on the series were provoked from consumers: “the small green cup looks cute” and “Longjing is refreshing and not greasy.” From here, the moniker ‘Small Longjing Green Cup’ was developed to intensify users’ positive feelings and brand memories, deeply permeate users’ minds, and quickly transform a new product into an explosive one.

As a result, ‘Small Longjing Green Cup’ unexpectedly became huge in its space and increased its offline sales by five to eight times, solidly placing among the top three in searches for brand phrases, with 300 million exposures on the RED website. The product’s total of 20,000+ UGC notes has set the stage for the Longjing family to develop into a powerful family of goods.

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