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Havaianas ‘Beyond Bias’ campaign reels supreme

Havaianas and their “Shop the Look” campaign set new standards for brands collaborating with creators to meet the diversity challenge.

Havaianas is a Brazilian brand most famous for their flip-flops, although the brand now sells a wide range of sandals, socks, clothing and accessories for all ages and genders sold worldwide. The brand has worked previously with many popular influencers, however for this campaign they decided to find creators who were deeply connected to their unique communities – they wanted to reach all Brazilians, which meant taking into consideration the country’s diversity and mix of cultures.

@jackiecunhapercussa was one of their ambassadors

The  brand worked with Facebook’s Creative Shop and tapped into one of five concepts forming their “Beyond Bias” framework, which helped them assemble a more diverse group of creators – people of all sizes, gender, age, race and sexual orientation.

The brand then developed a Reels Flip-Flop challenge where creators were asked to post short Reels showing themselves jumping into differently coloured flip-flops and to post this organically on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Havaianas then reframed these videos and promoted from their own Facebook and Instagram accounts.

To help people “shop the look”, the brand included branded content tags in the videos so that once a user clicked on an item, a full-screen Instant Experience opened up showcasing Havaianas’ product catalogue with items ready to buy.

The campaign led to fantastic results: A 57% increase in conversion rate and sales more than doubled.

Facebook INC last year commissioned a study for Brazil, Britain and the US that showed that 71% of consumers expect brands to promote diversity and inclusion in their digital advertising and 59% say they are more loyal to the brands that do. However, there is a telling contrast between that and what consumers are experiencing at the moment, with 54% of consumers surveyed saying that they don’t feel fully represented in the online advertising that they are exposed to.

Changing the way how brands approach digital activation may be the first step to shift the above statistics. Havaianas provide a great example of how a more diverse and inclusive online strategy can benefit your business, and how the social media platforms are helping brands transform to meet consumer demand.

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