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NIVEA MEN wins over gamers with ‘Ultra Skill’

Wavemaker Russia client NIVEA MEN is a leader in male health and grooming. It’s important for the brand’s future growth to build a young audience, something many of its rivals were already doing successfully. Our challenge was about much more than messaging – NIVEA MEN needed to show that it understands this sought-after audience’s lifestyle and passions.

We wanted to connect with young men via their love of gaming, but it’s a cluttered territory for advertisers, so it’s vital to create clear and original communications – and most of all to select the right platform.

Every gamer is unique, but what’s common for each is a desire for in-game achievements and recognition of their skills. These come in the form of virtual rewards which a gamer receives for everything from making a snipe shoot to smashing several enemies in a row!  

We explored gaming slang and discovered that the term ‘Ultra’ – used in NIVE MEN’s Ultra range – also refers to a famous call-out ‘Ultra Kill’ from the well-known Dota multi-player battle franchise. This was the inspiration we needed to create a NIVEA MEN-branded format to reward gamers based on the system of supporting streamers by viewers donations which is widespread on Twitch. 

We launched Ultra Skill – a symbol of gaming excellence, rewarded with Ultra Skill donations. In collaboration with DonationAlerts, we created a branded visual and sonic identity. To be eligible for a donation, all the the Twitch streamers had to do was install the DonationAlert app.  

Our team followed the streams of multiple gaming heroes on Twitch, and sent branded donations from the @niveamenultraskill account each time they demonstrated exceptional skill, instead of standard ad banners. As a result, we spend much less budget and reached the same-sized audience with higher engagement from streamers and viewers. 

Appearing after a cool moment in the game, Ultra Skill awards and unexpectedly large donations delighted streamers! They began to use the term Ultra Skill in their broadcasts as a symbol of great performance. 

The format caught gamers’ attention and drove both engagement and social buzz, which resulted in an emotional connection with the brand. Ultra Skill has become a symbol of cool gaming skill – and NIVEA MEN has become a brand for gamers. 

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