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How Wavemaker maximised Danone’s Amazon media results with AMC

In a lucrative partnership, Wavemaker UK has fueled Danone UK’s Amazon Journey, unlocking significant growth over 2022/2023 and almost doubling media-led total sales. However, like most brands, Danone has faced challenges in reaching incremental new customers and efficiently converting them.

To address these challenges, Wavemaker turned to Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and built out custom Measurement Solutions for Danone UK. We focused on two key pillars of our Global AMC offering: Maturity Evaluation & Classification and Roadmap Development/Deployment.

Using our best practice framework, we assessed Danone UK’s maturity, with their measurement sophistication landing on the Initiate maturity phase (basic measurement and insights capabilities). Using the maturity assessment as a starting point, we developed a roadmap for AMC maturity acceleration that sought to maximise Amazon media results.

Our roadmap uncovered four areas for investigation for Danone UK, which we used as a guide when building custom Amazon Marketing Cloud queries. These are outlined below:

  1. Growth Avenues (audiences and portfolio)
  2. Full Funnel Impact (holistic multi-touch attribution models, customer value insights)
  3. Performance Optimisations (dayparting, best frequency, best channel)
  4. Smart Audience Targeting (advanced tailored audiences targeting)

Given the complexity of accessing insights through the AMC platform, we developed a dashboard solution for Danone UK. This made the data easily accessible for all stakeholders by visualising the AMC queries outlined in our maturity acceleration roadmap, giving teams actionable insights for strategic decision making and campaign optimisation for Amazon activities.

Let’s take a closer look at the AMC maturity acceleration roadmap:

  • In the first half of 2023, we focused on identifying the business use cases for AMC and started the production of our dashboard solution
  • In H2 2023, we fully deployed the solution for Danone, retrieving and implementing the first insights uncovered from AMC
  • We created tailored role-based audiences, delivering amazing results:
  • Dayparting efficiency: +10% ROAS(Return on Ad Spend), -11% CPC(Cost per Click), +3% NTB (New to Brand)
  • Audiences’ optimisation: 1.37x higher NTB% (New to Brand)
  • Better audiences remarketing: +177% purchase rate, -32% cost per purchase
  • Successful look-a-like tests for better recruitment: 1.28x higher NTB % (New to Brand)
  • By the end of 2023, Wavemaker had demonstrated the value of investing in AMC and the dashboard solution and Danone wanted to continue the investment into 2024.
  • In 2024, we continue to support Danone’s AMC maturity development with more granular and advanced queries.

With the success of AMC for Danone UK, we believe a multi-market AMC approach can help drive media excellence for brands globally. However, maximising global Amazon media results needs to be built on a strong educational AMC foundation and Global AMC best practice standardisations to ensure success in every market.

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