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It’s game, set, match for Wimbledon and Roblox

Wimbledon has served up a new touchpoint for tennis fans as it teams up with Roblox, netting a successful foray into the metaverse.

To mark 100 years of Centre Court, WimbleWorld – a mini-Centre Court within Roblox – enables fans to experience the world’s most iconic location in tennis in a way that until now has been untapped.

The activation has been making a racket with the under-18 demographic – a generation crucial to ensuring Wimbledon continues its historic legacy. Users can explore Centre Court and play tennis like never before. A slew of limited-edition items and rewards have been incorporated in WimbleWorld, including the Wimbledon Ralph Lauren 2022 collection – available for users to wear within the game – and Andy Murray’s 2022 AMC cap, not to mention brushing shoulders with a virtual version of the tennis giant.

Roblox’s Senior Director of International Comms, James Kay, said: “You’re talking about something that’s obviously had an enduring legacy of fans over the ages and through the generations. We’re looking ahead to the next generation of fans, and how we are going to keep them engaged beyond just watching the matches.”

Scoring a match point, this partnership has successfully reached a crucial new audience through the gamified experience and Roblox continues to demonstrate the sheer scale of creative actions that are possible on the platform.

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