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Kwai brings the telenovela heat to Latin America

Kwai, (or Kuaishou as it’s known in China) is a short-form video platform (similar to TikTok) with over 160 million monthly active users and a very strong presence in Latin America. In a bid to gain market share in the Latin American region, they have presented a new campaign and unique content format under the concept “Everything to do with you”.

The slogan means that users can find content on the app that is close to their lives, their communities, and their interests. The campaign videos feature Aura Cristina Geithner as the protagonist, an iconic actress from Colombian and Mexican soap operas, and Antonio Casale, a renowned journalist.

They’re also launching a new content format, Telekwai, composed of micro novels inspired by everyday life with a duration of 40 to 90 seconds each, created by audiovisual producers in Latin America. The content is exclusive to the platform and anchored in the region’s long-running fondness for melodrama. The new format not only seeks to entertain users in an original way, but also to give producers a space to exhibit their ability to produce captivating stories that can also be monetized.

Antonio Casale is featured on the news section of the app. This responds to an understanding of the world in which information moves at a fast pace and therefore news must be commented and shared as it happens. Not only global news, but also those that locally impact each community and individual. One of the features of Kwai is that content from major international, regional, and local news outlets can be discovered.

With this type of actions, Kwai, which is part of one of China’s largest tech corporations, is increasingly becoming a more important player within the app space, with a spirit that celebrates the reality of people and their interests with exclusive and original content.

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