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Longines says now is the time to embrace Xiaohongshu

As one of the world’s most-loved luxury watch brands, Longines has a loyal customer base, but this often leans towards an older demographic, with young consumers stepping away from the ‘traditional’ brand. This year Longines harnessed the power of Xiaohongshu to provoke brand growth in the digital age.

Longines’ product line is often perceived as very luxurious, and its recent PrimaLuna collection has managed to successfully excite young consumers through leveraging key trends on Xiaohongshu. ‘Dopamine dressing’ – a style tag that is colourful, bright and happy – was hugely popular on the platform this year, and it created the aesthetic of a luxurious life, which helped Longines appeal young consumers.

Capitalising on this success, the brand analysed popular topic on Xiaohongshu and created the #SpringLeisureGuide ‘scene’. Using popular search terms, Longines collaborated with more than 20 influencers to promote the collection across the platform. As a result, Longines successfully created its own ‘dopamine’ tag which was being appreciated by a young audience, and the brand continues to use Xiaohongshu to promote the collection.

In the campaign’s initial one-month run, new posts mentioning the PrimaLuna series reached 35,000, and posts mentioned the Longines increased 111%. Eclipsing the competition, Xiaohongshu’s Luxurious Life’ IP, which includes multiple brands, the browsing volume of Longines ranked first.

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