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Panasonic revitalises its brand on RED

By focusing on the female demographic — the key audience of RED (Xiaohongshu) — Panasonic intends to change its current male-dominated consumer group to females, thereby revitalising its brand.

In addition, as a female-dominated mind-seeding social platform, RED has begun to generate momentum in lifestyle-related categories. Panasonic has collaborated extensively with RED to increase the sales of its air-conditioning goods by using content marketing for the Panasonic brand and related home appliances from the standpoint of women as purchase decision-makers.

With the help of the platform’s vertical characteristics in terms of categories/scenes as well as the impact of the spokesperson Yang Chaoyue, its ‘Mellow Wind Series items have experienced a meteoric increase in traffic as a result of fan co-creation. At the same time, the brand’s core seeding power is established, and refined seeding content is given by using the influence of relevant bloggers and grabbing scenario association through keywords such as ‘small house’ and ‘home living’.

Panasonic has increased its revenus based on incremental traffic, which has helped the company successfully convert celebrity fans into brand enthusiasts, revitalising its brand. By closely combining the campaign objectives with the peculiarities of the platform, Panasonic has significantly increased brand awareness and generated traffic. On the RED website, fans record 150+ UGC notes, 78% of influencer content became popular content on RED, EC store visits climbed 187% through search, and the number of users under the age of 35 increased to 39%.

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