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Sephora’s perfect holiday gifting campaign

How can a makeup brand make sure their products are on everyone’s mind ahead of the holiday gifting season? Well, to get your products wrapped up and under the tree, they first need to make the wish list.

Sephora Canada’s holiday wish list hashtag campaign is a great example of how a brand smashed performance by harnessing the power of participation on Tiktok. As their editorial team puts it: “It’s rooted in an essential truth of human nature: that people learn best by doing, by being involved in the action.”

The campaign features a well-known beauty influencer ‘GlamZilla’ who has grown her platform on Tiktok (1.3M followers) through her genuine product reviews and funny quips.

Sephora partnered with GlamZilla as the face of their campaign to drive interest in consumers creating their own personal wish lists with Sephora. The campaign has achieved tons of user generated content with their ‘sound’ (a TikTok sound can easily be reused by other creators on the app) and hashtag, which is often hard to accomplish.

It is important to remember that when creating hashtag campaigns on TikTok, the desired outcome is for consumers to utilize the hashtag. So, how do you incentivize people to get involved?

In this case, Sephora was giving creators the chance to win a $500 gift card. The outstanding results being 605.1m views (and counting) on the hashtag as well as the tag trending on Tiktok, showcases that when done correctly with a strong call to action (as simple as a chance to win a gift card) consumers will happily engage with your content.

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