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Shopify tries True Fit’s AI innovations on for size

It’s rare a week goes by without seeing how organisations are harnessing the power of AI to transform their business, or how new tech advancements are streamlining processes and putting consumers back at the forefront of key business decisions. This week has been no different, and True Fit is the latest brand to sing its AI success story – this time in partnership with Shopify.

True Fit is the leading AI-driven platform for shoppers and fashion retailers, applying their tech to solve digital fashion’s biggest hurdle: unsure fit and sizing. The brand understood that removing sizing restriction from the shopping funnel would not only help retailers increase sales conversion rates, but also instil confidence in customers.

What is new for brands

As is often the case, sophisticated, data-rich solutions like True Fit have only been accessible to large brands with demonstrable resources to justify the long period of technical integration to bring its Genome to life. True Fit has now revolutionised its AI, data processing capabilities and infrastructure, offering a huge breakthrough for smaller retailers.

Once taking several weeks of careful technical integration, True Fit can now be integrated on Shopify in one day, meaning for the first time ever emerging brands now have the same access to best-in-class software as their much larger rivals.

Shopify’s platform for success

Stellar innovation naturally leads to stellar results, and True Fit’s provocation on Shopify is no different. The brand launched on the platform in 2023, and since then it has seen 900% growth year-to-date in Shopify merchant adoption, as well as a 108% month-over-month growth this year.

True Fit’s 2024 trajectory speaks for itself: its Genome has already been adopted by over 500 Shopify merchants and is on pace to surpass 2,000 by the end of 2024. Heralding a new era of growth, 80 million active users now have access to True Fit on Shopify sites, and their shoppers are already generating more than a quarter (27%) of orders on Shopify merchants’ sites.

As we navigate an ecosystem where AI has never been more accessible, a distinct offering of unique and proprietary data can be the recipe for success. With an improved shopping experience for customers and a bolstered platform for emerging retailers, True Fit is the perfect fit for a new and improved digital fashion landscape.

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