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SK-II redefines female empowerment on Bilibili

For the past decade, SK-II, one of the world’s biggest skincare brands, has been a champion of breaking down the stigmas associated with the societal problems women are facing, and their partnership with Bilibili provokes audiences and the industry to follow suit.

SK-II understands that the women of today carry too many expectations from others, rather than from within, and external opinions can force them to not be true to themselves. In this latest activation, the brand encourages women to ‘rewrite their destiny’.

Encouraging women to make choices which follow their hearts, SK-II has released the first interactive creative video by a brand, ‘Choose My Own Life’, on Bilibili, allowing users to follow the protagonist’s perspective and revisit life, mastering the right to choose every key aspect. This is the brand’s first, and also the industry’s first, groundbreaking multi-line parallel storytelling approach on Bilibili.

The key user group of SK-II and Bilibili – women aged 25-35 – face strong societal pressure. To best connect, support and encourage them, SK-II Film Studio produced this film series, and it adopted the interactive video format with Bilibili’s defining characteristics.

The themes and plots of ‘Choose My Own Life’ are highly interactive and the in-platform advertising reflects the unique paths users can choose to take. It uses content as a touchpoint to have direct conversations with the audience, and establishes deep links with users through real-life choices, encouraging every woman to feel empowered.

The activation has been a roaring success since its launch, with 170 million exposures, five million views, over 100,000 video interactions, as well as being included in the weekly must-see-list on Bilibili.

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