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Smiles all round for Colgate and Wavemaker Malaysia on TikTok

Colgate Malaysia, a global oral health brand committed to creating healthy smiles for all, with provocation from Wavemaker Malaysia, harnessed the power of TikTok’s e-commerce and brand engagement capabilities to create a dynamic and engaging experience for its consumers.

With a focus on driving traffic to their TikTok Shop and live streams, Colgate strategically employed TikTok Video Shopping Ads (VSAs) and Live Shopping Ads (LSAs) to amplify their visibility. VSAs were optimised for initiating checkouts and LSAs for viewer retention. Both were powered by lowest cost bidding, and they drove a surge in both traffic and conversions.

Colgate’s LSAs, hosted by experienced presenters, showcased exclusive bundles (a merchandising tactic known to perform really well on TikTok!), and enticing prizes to captivate viewers. Simultaneously, VSAs (with content native to platform, of course!) were optimised and lead to a surge in product purchases.

By fostering authentic connections with their audience, Colgate not only expanded their reach but also significantly boosted sales:

  • 3,700 Live Session Viewers: Engaged for at least 10 seconds through LSAs
  • 1,700 Colgate Malaysia Paid Followers: An increase in the brand’s TikTok followers
  • +15% Conversion Rate: Achieved through the optimised Check Out

Colgate Malaysia’s TikTok campaign demonstrates how to underpin social commerce strategies with a unique understanding of on-platform consumer behaviour. Translating these behavioural insights into actionable strategies resulted in the effective combination of Live Streaming and VSAs. The campaign’s success underscores the potential of TikTok as a platform for authentic brand engagement, which brands can use to their advantage for tangible commerce outcomes.

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