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There’s nothing BEIS(ic) about shopping on Instagram

In a world where scrolling through digital feeds is the new window shopping, social media platforms have become havens for brands looking to make a mark. Among the flock of competitors, BEIS, a notable Canadian handbag brand, founded by Shay Mitchell (our very own Canadian of Pretty Little Liars fame) has stood out as an amazing model for utilising Instagram to achieve substantial social shopping success.

BEIS: Crafting classy utility carryalls

This Canadian handbag brand takes pride in curating high-quality, fashionable, and functional bags, I repeat, *extremely* functional bags, elevating your travel and daily adventures. From chic totes to durable duffels, BEIS has quickly become the Internet’s fave IT Bag.

The significance of social shopping

In this digital era, Instagram has evolved into a thriving marketplace. With its vast user base, Instagram is a prime platform for social shopping, and BEIS seems to have cracked its code.

BEIS’ Instagram strategy: a masterstroke

How did BEIS achieve its prowess on Instagram? Here’s a deep dive:

  • High-quality imagery: BEIS understands the visual allure of handbags. Their Instagram feed is an aesthetic feast with crisp and captivating imagery. Each post highlights the bags’ features, evoking a sense of desire.
  • User-generated content (UGC): In a brilliant move, BEIS taps into its community. Using Shay’s IG influence at its core, BEIS ads are all about using cheeky humour to explain the bags’ functionality. Most ads utilise Shay herself speaking on-video about the bags and the multitude of utilities they offer. This creates a sense of belonging and authenticity, strengthening the bond between brand and buyer.
  • Product tags: BEIS takes advantage of Instagram’s shoppable posts feature. Users can tap on product tags to view details and make direct purchases. It’s convenience personified.
  • Storytelling with Reels: Instagram Reels are all the rage, and BEIS has hopped on this trend. Creating engaging, short videos showcasing their products, sometimes with a dash of humor, these Reels add a fun element to their strategy, connecting with a wider audience.
  • Competitive insights: BEIS doesn’t just play blind in this digital arena. They use competitive insights to analyse what’s working for others and adapt their strategy accordingly. This gives them the edge in a fiercely competitive market.

BEIS has managed to ace the social shopping game on Instagram. Their combination of ye-catching editorial, user-generated content, convenience features, engaging storytelling, and competitive insights has helped them create a compelling brand presence. They’ve made shopping a delight on a platform designed for visuals and connections.

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