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Little red book

Tiffany and RED’s marriage shines bright like a diamond

Tiffany partnered with RED on Valentine’s Day to launch the first fashion marketing intellectual property – ‘Little Blue Box Please Answer’ – to provide diamond purchase guidance for the increasingly savvy young consumers who are ready to tie the knot.

In addition to brand value and design, the young generation increasingly values the brand’s professionalism. Tiffany chose RED, this generation’s favoured platform when it comes to researching what to purchase, to promote a more ‘professional’ brand image, while establishing desirable emotional connections with the young consumers who are wedding-ready.

The diamond category is well-known, yet it lacks widespread expert knowledge. With a user-generated content platform like RED, Tiffany increased the happiness and emotion of love tales and imparted diamond knowledge to customers, as well as the emotional resonance behind many couples choosing the small blue box of diamond rings.

Collaboration has resulted in more than 1.86 million diamond-related posts and more than 890,000 diamond ring-related posts, with a total exposure of over 100 million, millions of off-site PR exposure, and millions of participants to the topic.

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