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X marks the anti-marketing spot for Netflix and Wednesday

Last year, Netflix released Wednesday, the most-watched series in its history, which features the beloved character and member of the Addams Family. To promote the show, Netflix launched an integrated marketing campaign that kicked off with the launch of Wednesday’s personal X account.

Wednesday hijacked online conversation and pop culture by sporadically appearing contextually around key event, conversations such as the World Cup and the evening of the Emmys where Jenna Ortga in character as Wednesday tweeted a video to the nominees. In a jovial and sarcastic fashion, Wednesday referred to the Netflix execs as “faceless suits” and mocked the nominees for wanting a golden statuette to validate themselves and to “fill the lonely void” inside of them.

From a tactical media perspective, large OOH units were present through large cities, and social and mobile were utilised heavily to amplify this further. Homepage takeovers on mobile were launched, and the irritable Wednesday would appear in key locations such as the Subway and Airports.

New Yorkers were also greeted on subway carts with a real-life ‘Thing’ hand dropping in to scare commuters. Fan communities were given the opportunity to connect even deeper with Wednesday’s world by applying for Wednesday’s school at The element which generated the most social buzz and engagement was the actual unique dance performed in the show by Wednesday, which was emulated thousands of times on the site and became Netflix’s most-engaged TikTok ever.

Wednesday’s X account is the epitome of selecting the right platform for the right product; the character’s troll-like wit proved to be one of the most tongue-in-cheek, satirical takes on X we’ve seen in a long while. The results of the campaign were extraordinary, and it became Netflix’s best-performing campaign for a first season ever, amassing almost 280k followers on X, generating 25 billion TikTok views and the series racking up an impressive one billion hours watched on Netflix.

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