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Wavemaker Wins 2 Adweek Media Plan of the Year Awards


Wavemaker US, along with our partner DoorDash, has taken home 2 wins for the AdWeek Media Plan of the Year awards. Congratulations to the Wavemaker & DoorDash teams who made these experiences happen! These wins are a testament to their shared commitment to creating authentic connections between brand and consumer.

Check out the synopsis for both wins below, as featured in AdWeek.

“Locker Room Experiential Franchise” – winner of Best Use of Experiential spending less than $500,000

Branded freebies often find their way to the back of a drawer or the bottom of a bag. For DoorDash, blending the thrill of live sports and fan hype with its “Locker Room Experiential Franchise” solves that problem. Designed as a replica of an NBA locker room, the DoorDash Locker Room brought the intimate setting to the demanding public. This immersive sports experience began in Miami with the Heat and expanded across four leagues, including the MLB and MLS. The Locker Room franchise offered co-branded premium tickets, exclusive merchandise and content capture moments exclusively for DashPass subscribers. The Locker Room caused a 41% surge in DashPass signups in Miami within three days and helped to expand the activation into cities like New York and Los Angeles. Each activation was tailored, celebrating local merchants and reinforcing DoorDash’s commitment to its communities. Kennyatta Collins 

“Battle of the Brands Redux” – winner of Best Use of Streaming Media/OTT

Gamers have a reputation for being a devoted but discerning audience, and that’s what inspired DoorDash to make the extra effort to engage with them. The key was identifying the ways in which DoorDash could help gamers play for longer by offering easy ways to refuel IRL. Partnering with Twitch and Warner Bros., Wavemaker and DoorDash secured the rights to use the MultiVersus PlayStation game during the Battle of the Brands event. The two-day, 1v1 tournament intended to promote DoorDash alongside seven major merchants including KFC, Wendy’s, Del Taco and others. Esports caster Chris Puckett hosted, livestreaming from a New York studio backed by a virtual set illustrated with game IP. Engagement and sales increased for DoorDash as well as others such as Taco Bell and Wendy’s. DoorDash’s senior brand manager Hannah Tsumoto noted, “Battle of the Brands was a monumental feat. It perfectly encapsulated our strategy, bringing brand relevance and authenticity to gamers.” Sara Century

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