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A Paradigm Twitch: From Mindless Scrolling to Mindful Connection


A Paradigm Twitch: From Mindless Scrolling to Mindful Connection

Wavemaker Canada’s Insights & Strategy Team is dedicated to keeping on-top of media consumption trends and digital innovations across Canada. In this spotlight, we’re discussing digital fatigue in Canada, and how Twitch addresses the evolving needs of digital natives, presenting unique ad opportunities for brands.

Leger research fielded in September 20232, found nearly 1 in 4 Canadians feel stressed by digital media. As a result, digital ads risk becoming a part of the stress-inducing noise without careful consideration of placement, message, and purpose.

Among Canadians who have left a social media platform in the past year, 40% cited a lack of interest in content2. Among those who joined a new platform in the past year, 43% cited a desire to connect or communicate with people around them2. This rationale signifies a shift in demand from social platforms as a medium for distracted, mindless scrolling to one for enriched human connection.

Why Twitch?

Amazon’s Twitch has captured the attention of viewers and advertisers worldwide. The popular live streaming platform garnered an average of 4.2 million unique Canadian visitors per month in the second half of 20231 with its distinct sense of community and engagement setting it apart from other digital platforms.

In an age of digital fatigue, Twitch has developed strong, trusted communities spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more, that allows brands to authentically connect with engaged, niche targets.

– Nearly half (44%) of Canadian Twitch viewers use the platform to feel part of a community.3

– 3 in 4 (74%) of Global Twitch viewers experience emotions along with streamers, and 37% have asked their favourite Twitch creators for advice.3

On average, Twitch viewers spent 1 hour and 20 minutes each time they visited the platform in January 2024 – in comparison, YouTube viewers spent an average of 27 minutes.

On top of length of time on the platform, Canadian Twitch viewers are more likely to pay attention to video ads than the average 18-34 year-old Canadian:

– 94% more likely to say they pay attention to branded integrations inside the video content they are watching.3

– 26% more likely to say they pay attention to ads that play in breaks during the content, or before a video starts.3

Overall, Twitch has created an inclusive, authentic and collaborative space for Canadian viewers. When executed properly, brands can leverage the platform’s variety of content communities for strengthening brand equity* and building awareness among niche targets. An increasing number of brands are starting to shift their media dollars from ‘mindless scrolling’ platforms to more ‘mindful connection’ platforms to capture engaged communities. In fact, Wavemaker Canada has partnered with Twitch in 2023 for several household brands, like Garnier, Heineken, Corby, Paramount Pictures, Yum! Brands, Trojan and Audible, and has seen great success in resonating with young Canadians. With access to a wide array of proprietary tools and strong partnerships, we look forward to guiding more brands in navigating the new digital paradigm through consumer insights.

*Wavemaker Canada keeps tabs on brand equity via WPP’s proprietary data source: BAV.

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