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Wavemaker unveils first-of-its-kind global research into Gen X on social


Gen X represents almost a third (28%) of TikTok’s user base but only 5% of brand spend on influencer campaigns. Recognising a huge untapped opportunity, Wavemaker undertook original research into the global Gen X consumer. The aim was to challenge misperceptions and to understand what a successful Gen X social media strategy looks like.

Key findings

  • Gen X (aged 45 – 60) is on track to be the most affluent generation of all time, as $70tn of wealth is passed to them from Boomers.
  • 92% of Gen X use social media every day, half of them use TikTok.
  • Only 13% of Gen X feel represented in the social advertising they see, but when they do see their generation represented it doubles their preference.

Our report reveals the distinct behaviours and desires of the ‘wealthiest generation the world has ever known’. It’s packed with practical advice to help you communicate with this audience more powerfully and build a creator strategy that creates the lasting trust that unlocks sales.

What you’ll learn

  • Insights into 4 social behaviours unique to Gen X
  • Don’ts and Do’s for marketers – with case studies from brands
  • A view of Gen X from global marketers at L’Oréal and Paramount 
  • Guidance on how to choose the perfect creator from the founder of leading influencer agency GOAT, CEO Harry Hugo
  • A guide to better working with Gen X influencers from Instagram star Claire Hall

We hope you enjoy reading it and that it challenges you. Even more, we hope you find ways to use it to make better and more valuable advertising, for your customers and your brands. If you are a client, contact your Wavemaker client lead to find out how we can help you leverage these trends to grow your business.

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