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How Apple is redefining privacy: The iOS 14.5 update


Mobile consumption has surged during the pandemic with users averaging 4:06 hours on their phones daily1. With mobile being central to marketing efforts and more than half of Americans using iOS phones, Apple’s recent stance on the need to reinforce consumer privacy has triggered concerns about the future of mobile advertising.

In recent years Apple has announced a series of privacy changes that increase transparency of in-app data collection, including usage and feature updates like Sign-In with Apple, location tracking limitation, and the addition of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) onto Apple’s Safari web browser to block third-party cookies. This week’s release of iOS 14.5 is a continuation of Apple’s tightening stance on user privacy. And, while the release will take some time to roll out on all Apple phones, we can assume 80% adoption of the new iOS within approximately 8 weeks.

Introducing the permission to track notification

Postponed twice already, the Apple iOS 14.5 release this week includes a major privacy change called App Transparency Tracking (ATT). This change requires apps to ask for user permission before tracking data and activity.

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