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Positive Provocation

Sonic the Hedgehog hijacks Saturday night as Paramount catapult its 90s video-game icon into the future


Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, and this year, 19 years after his first outing on the Sega Genesis games console, he was due to speed onto big screens for his feature film debut.​

Our brief was to present Sonic as a modern-day superhero who could connect with kids and parents alike. In a crowded half-term release window, a myriad of big franchise heroes with far greater spend and higher reconnaissance with kids, plus the fact that very few video games’ characters make a successful transition to the big screen, we knew we needed to be more precise and more creative with our media to land with impact.​

With an ambitious box office target of £11 million, we ultimately needed to convince families to choose Sonic over key competitors during the half-term holidays, including Dr Dolittle.


Boasting nearly 20 years’ brand heritage and fan expectation, we based our whole campaign around the simple tenets of our heroes’ defining attributes – his playful character and his supersonic speed. We felt this simplicity in approach was so authentic to the product that it would ignite interest among the retro audience (parents who knew him from their own misspent youths), while raising enough excitement to interest a new audience of modern-day kids.


In order to deliver broad scale Sonic-style in top co-viewing environments, we looked to hijack the power of well-known brand partners within their own broadcast ad space by placing our speedy Sonic at the heart of the campaign. ​

Partnering with ITV, we delivered  ‘Super Sonic Saturday’ – an entire broadcast adbreak takeover in ‘The Masked Singer’, a primetime Saturday evening family show, which saw nearly 5 million viewers watch Sonic physically race across peak-time TV screens nationwide. The partnership we brokered with three Group M family-friendly brands (Compare the Market, Robinsons and Alpro), saw Sonic insert himself into the fabric of their ads too, breaking out of frame and finally skidding to a halt alongside the film trailer. True to his playful nature, once here he decided to rewind and play the 120 second trailer again. The campaign was amplified in social channels, helping to fuel conversation and shareability.


We delivered huge client growth with this campaign as Sonic not only smashed Box Office targets, delivering £19 million, but it topped the charts on Opening weekend with £4.7 million sales, and still sits at no.2 in the UK for Box Office totals this year. ​

The precision, creativity and impact that our media approach delivered was able to capture the hearts of new and old audiences, with tracking for Sonic against both kids and parents spiking by 7% and 12% respectively over launch weekend.​

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