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Eurotubers by Burger King


Burger King



Positive Provocation

For the first time ever, we created a Euro2021 sports broadcast in parallel with the official one on TV, airing all of Spain’s games commentated on by popular YouTubers.


Euro 2021 was approaching. Hundreds of brands were vying to be seen. Burger King wanted to take centre stage at the football event of the year in Spain. The problem? We weren’t sponsoring anything… or anyone. And we did not want to pay the fee demanded by UEFA.

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Our target audience were young people aged 15 to 25 and (let’s not kid ourselves) the way they consume football completely changed some time ago. So, if we wanted to be seen, there was only one way. To move away from the traditional ads packages and go all out.

For the first time ever, we created parallel broadcasts of all of Spain’s matches with the official television feed from Mediaset. However, they weren’t commentated by the usual sports commentators who have been commentating on football the same way for 30 years, but by YouTubers who are the top FIFA players in Spain: DJMariio (7.1M followers), Kolderiu (1.7M followers), Cacho01 (1.6M followers) and RobertsPG (5.7M followers). And because our target don’t sit glued to a single screen, we broadcast them on all the sites where young audiences consume the content they like the most, and allowing them to interact with it.


During the three-week duration of the competition, we entered the top 3 brands most associated with EURO2021 in the Food Home Delivery category, above our main competitors, including those that were official sponsors of Euro2021.


But that wasn’t all. We also increased purchase intention by 5 percentage points*. We were in the TOP 5 of YouTube Trending during the Euro with our content. And we led conversations on Twitter with over 2,000 tweets on average per match and a reach of 180 million impressions, tripling the figures of major sports shows such as El Chiringuito.


The upshot? A total audience of 19.3 million people, almost half the population of Spain, who turned “Eurotubers by Burger King” into one of the true stars of Euro2021.

Awards & Recognition

Best Branded Content Campaign

19.3 M
Total audience
Top 3
Brands most associated with Euro2021
Top 5
YouTube Trending content during Euro2021

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