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Love Squad





Positive Provocation

We challenged Waoo, an internet service provider, to encourage their audience to disconnect from the internet, through offering the highest form of customer service: murder.

Our approach

Love Squad aimed to differentiate Waoo from its competitors and create brand awareness based on the insight that gaming can play a big role in relationships. The time spent on games can lead loved ones to feel neglected. In fact, 25% of men and 17% of women consider ending a relationship due to gaming-related arguments. According to Divorce-Online in the UK, 5% of divorce petitions in 2022 were due to the online game Fortnite. There are many boyfriends and girlfriends across the country who are tired of their partner gaming too much and spending more time in front of the computer instead of quality time with them. Uncle Grey developed the creative concept, and Wavemaker was to help Waoo fight for love in Danish homes through the ultimate customer service. In collaboration with four mid-sized influencers, we encouraged people to sign up their partners for Waoo’s virtual hitman service “Love Squad,” consisting of professional gamers. They then made sure to kill the gamers whose partners had ordered a virtual hit on the gamer in question – all so they could have a cosy evening with their partner instead.


The campaign was developed with a strong focus on strategy and understanding the target audience. The target audience consists of men and women aged 21 and over, with the influencer campaign aimed at 18-44-year-olds. The audience is passive and only considers internet providers when forced to investigate market options or actively choose to switch. It was therefore crucial to find a platform that could provide access to the audience, and then generate interest in spending time on the content.

The campaign was based on a humorous branding strategy that engaged people to sign up their gamer boyfriend/girlfriend. The topic was chosen as something many could recognize and relate to from their own relationships. At the same time, it was important to consider demographic data on the influencers’ followers, as well as their personality, humour, and engagement to capture the audience’s interest.

To achieve long-term success, it was also important to increase Waoo’s top-of-mind brand awareness among consumers. This was, among other things, attempted through the campaign’s choice of influencers who could create authentic and relatable content.


To pull off the campaign, we collaborated with influencers who could create authentic content and give us great awareness through their reach. We worked with well-known gamers and four medium-sized Danish influencers, each producing one Instagram reel and one Instagram story. To create authentic content, it was important that the influencers we collaborated with had partners who played the game, so these partners could be hit by Waoo’s Love Squad while the influencers captured their reactions. We allowed the influencers to create content that suited their Instagram and their followers, so they could give their personal touch and differentiate the content. This created relatable content that engaged their followers in the campaign, and we got positive comments and mentions of the content.


Beyond Instagram, we also developed a successful Twitch collaboration, used native articles, Meta and Anders Hemmingsen (one of the biggest personalities in the Danish social media universe). We created a holistic approach to the campaign, with a sniper-like precision towards selected target groups, that would engage with the content and amplify the story to the broader population.


The campaign was a hit (pun intended). It delivered more than 12,4 million impressions and within the first week, we had 281 kills.

The campaign surpassed Wavemaker’s benchmarks in all measurable outcomes. Instagram was the most successful platform in terms of engagement, views, and cost per engagement. We had 839k organic views on Instagram, which was 178% higher than the estimate.

Love Squad won an Entertainment Lion in the category Gaming Community, Influencer and Co-creation at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2023.

Awards & Recognition
Cannes Lions


of website visitors engaged and ordered a 'kill'
impressions through the collab with Anders Hemmingsen
281 kills
in the first week alone

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