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NOW TV Without Women There Are No Stories

In this International Women's Day 2018 campaign, we quickly demonstrated to Italy the importance of women in culture, and gained more than 10,000 followers in two days.



NOW TV was fairly new to the market, and the majority of its subscribers were male, due to their exclusive sports offers. In order to broaden its audience, NOW TV created film offers and decided to target more women to sign up. We had to find a way to capture their hearts.


As a new brand, NOW TV had a bold tone of voice. We leveraged this and positioned them as a conversation enabler around important topics for a millennial audience – focusing on an International Women’s Day 2018 campaign. We believe that the most authentic way to talk about women is to tell their stories – stories so powerful they become part of our culture and collective imagination. These are the stories that NOW TV tells us every day through the films they offer. Our campaign took inspiration from the most iconic scenes of popular movies, but we deleted the female characters. Without women embodying and giving voice to these characters, many of the stories we love simply wouldn’t exist. Press ads featured two copies of the same image – one with the female character and one without, celebrating the necessary role of women in life. Across the NOW TV social channels people started to discuss the campaign and ultimately the overarching concept of the importance of women.


The total reach of this campaign amounted to 2.5 million, and in only two days we gained more than 10k new followers to the NOW TV Instagram.

NOW TV was further established as a bold brand that enables conversations around topics that matter.