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Henkel Consumer Brands leverages relationship with Wavemaker UK to boost TikTok Shop presence

Wavemaker UK has been commissioned to boost Henkel Consumer Brands’ presence on TikTok Shop alongside Rex Brown, as a fulfilment partner. 

Leveraging our social commerce capabilities, powered by GOAT, we will support Henkel Consumer Brands with paid media activation for TikTok Shops across much-loved brands such as, LIVE, got2B and Bloo, and further boost the brand’s TikTok Shops through in-depth portfolio analysis and content reviews.  

As an approved TikTok shop partner, we’ve been selected for our social commerce capabilities and strong relationships with the world’s leading commerce platforms. Our team’s unrivalled understanding of emerging shopping behaviours across all platforms, combined with consultancy level audits, helps brands to create more compelling and connected shopping experiences. By resonating with target audiences, we’re helping to facilitate the successful launch for brands across all social commerce and digital platforms.   

With 60% of TikTok shop sales attributed to influencers or affiliates and 40% from brand activity, no TikTok shop is complete without an influencer, affiliate, or organic brand campaign. GOAT will take the responsibility for crafting creator-led commerce content, which will be amplified using optimised TikTok ads, driving further conversions on the platform.  

Ben Walton, Head of Commerce, Wavemaker UK explained:“TikTok Shop may be in its infancy, but it is fast becoming an essential part of any savvy brand’s social commerce offering. However, to unlock the opportunities that the platform brings, it is essential for brands to join the dots between their media, content and commerce strategies.” 

We are looking forward to operating as a seamless extension of the Henkel Consumer Brands team and partnering with GOAT to create a robust strategy and compelling content that positively provokes brand engagement and growth.
Ben Walton, Head of Commerce, Wavemaker UK

Nikki Vadera, Marketing & Digital Director UKI at Henkel Consumer Brands added: “The power of social commerce platforms to drive incremental growth for our brand cannot be underestimated. With the introduction of TikTok Shop the opportunities have been taken to the next level. Wavemaker UK has the expertise and ability to ensure our TikTok Shops connect and resonate with their target audiences. We’re delighted to have enlisted Wavemaker UK team, alongside GOAT, to help support and unlock the invaluable opportunities for brand growth that TikTok Shop has to offer.” 

Press release originally published in LBBOnline.

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