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Positive Provocation

Wavemaker grew market share by advising the client to place sustainability at the heart of activity.


Dylon dyes is the biggest dye brand in the UK. As such, we knew that to grow the brand, we must grow their audience. Whilst there are people getting sick of bland curtains, faded clothes and dull sofa covers there should always be demand. People just need reminding of how energising a splash of colour can be.

To do this we needed to inspire people, creating content for the moment which would stimulate ideas and a passion to sustainably reinvent with colour.

We wanted to incorporate fashion, craft and creativity to broaden the appeal of dyes by  highlighting how ‘refreshing’ old clothing or ‘reinventing’ homewares was a great way to be more sustainable.


We needed to make dyeing inspiring again, and identified the best way to do that was to work with influencers who inspire.

We co-created content which demonstrated how people could ‘reinvent’ or ‘refresh’ fabrics.  By bringing these items to life, we brought to life the world of colour, thanks to Dylon.

We identified two key influencer verticals for ‘reinventing’ and ‘refreshing’. These verticals of Fashion and Design delivered trusted influencers to inspire our audience in this space.

If people were already asking them for advice on home improvement and clothes, who better to champion the product?


We focussed on key influencers  which allowed us to maximise value while sticking to budgetary parameters, more than traditional media allows. We worked with 30 influencers, each creating 1 carousel post (or 3 assets) to be shared on Instagram.

The fashion-focused influencers were asked to pick an item of clothing from their wardrobe to re-invent. The content they produces showed how changing the colour of an item can transform it into the perfect piece for a different occasion, such as turning their boyfriends old work shirt into a casual dress for the beach.

The design-focused influencers were asked to pick an item of soft furniture from their home and recolour  it; some even manged to transform old items of clothing into a piece furniture!


We delivered almost double the booked engagements with 62,394 overall.

We had a target Engagement Rate (ER) of 2.5% and the campaign delivered an overall ER of 4.7%

We halved our target Cost Per Engagement (CPE) from £0.85 to £0.42 CPE and our overall follower count reached 1.33m.

Uplift in engagement
Lower CPE than target
Follower count

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