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Jet2holidays partners with Love Island




UK - North

Positive Provocation

To maintain their five year growth spurt Jet2holidays had to engage a younger audience. With 16-24`s put off by their “package holidays you can trust”, we would need to convince this younger audience to reconsider a package holiday before we had any chance of getting them to consider a Jet2holidays.


Jet2 are the UK’s second largest tour operator. They’ve received a succession of awards and consistently out-perform the UK holiday market. Despite this, over 70% of their customer base were over the age of 40. In order to maintain growth, we identified that Jet2holidays needed to build their preference scores with younger audiences.


Jet2holidays specialise in package holidays, which have an old fashioned  stigma attached to them. When it comes to crafting itineraries, our insight in planning showed that 16-24-year olds prefer active holidays full of exploration and adventure – and they would rather create their own than go with a package deal. Jet2holidays had already positioned itself within the market as ‘package holidays you can trust’ – but this was impacting on brand preference. We needed to engage youth audiences to think differently. Jet2holidays had to go beyond advertising to become credible.

In planning, WM Momentum  told us the association would be most effective if we used broadcast as a channel. However, narrowcast channels such as Instagram are an important source of travel inspiration for the audience, thanks to influencer content.


The team decided that the most relevant television programme for the audience was ITV’s Love Island, a juggernaut TV show that had not just taken over TV but also social media. It reaches more 16-24 adults than any other content across the summer. By coupling up and becoming the official travel partner, we were able to deliver both cultural and contextual relevancy.

The engagement strategy was devised to earn the attention of the young audience. We would become a second-tier travel partner. The live final of Love Island is a monumental event, and we offered tickets to the live final as commercial competitions, as well as in-show opportunities where viewers could win their own Love Island experiences.

Reactive social content was used to support the broadcast activity, and over the course of the summer, content from the Love Island accounts were the most engaging. We also created bespoke covers of the Jet2holidays in-flight magazine, which were shared organically to millions by the Love Island finalists. The brand organically featured in the reunion TV show. We extended the audience interest post-Love Island by re-uniting couples for their first official holiday.


Success for the partnership was to be measured by improvements in brand awareness and preference scores, as well as data capture by competition entries.

Ad awareness among Love Island viewers
Increase in consideration for Jet2holidays
Growth in social followers driven by earned content from talent accounts

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