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Positive Provocation

We positively provoked Office Depot to create an enduring bond between Office Depot and business owners.



Office Depot (ODP), a leading provider of office supplies, business services, products and technology solutions through an omnichannel platform including approximately 1,100 Office Depot and OfficeMax stores nationwide and online presence at and, was looking to accelerate its transformation from a traditional retailer to a leading B2B company. 

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Wavemaker recognized that to continue to help ODP evolve its brand – ODP would need to prioritize and champion partnerships that optimize a business’s capability while expanding the ongoing partnership. Wavemaker looked to create an enduring bond between businesses and ODP that would “optimize and expand” with every activation, providing growth opportunities for all parties in the long-term.

Wavemaker built a partnership between ODP and Forbes, the esteemed business publication that is dedicated to mobilizing and empowering a community of small business owners. For over 100 years, Forbes has cultivated this community, establishing a high-degree of credibility and an expectation for delivering industry-leading, innovative content for its audiences’ education.

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The crux of the partnership was an ODP-branded and led, virtual event for the Forbes audience. In advance of the event, the partnership came to life across

Branded Content + Digital Sponsorships via high-impact units, amplifying the event through targeting the Forbes Small Business Channel – a dedicated audience of small business owners who turn to Forbes for guidance in helping their businesses thrive. ODP also led a promotional social campaign and editorial sponsorship to further promote the event.

The Virtual ODP-branded Event – titled “Transforming the Small Business Landscape: What’s Next” – featured ODP’s Stephen Mohan, EVP, Business Solutions Division. The event discussed the ongoing importance of business leaders to hone their craft and lean on one another for valuable peer-to-peer insights.

As a trusted B2B partner who keeps business going, ODP utilized the opportunity to tap into the virtual event and audience development prowess of ForbesLive to create a virtual forum that brings core Forbes communities together for an engaging workshop catered to their business’s size, industry and needs. 


The event resulted in: 

  • 486 registrants (87% who were Founders, Co-Founders, Entrepreneurs, Small Business professionals and Small Business leaders, as well as, Forbes Under 30 Listers across industries)
  • 166 attendees, +286% vs goal
  • 6K+ viewed the event
  • 30k+ engagements across all event’s social platforms
  • 112K+ Total Subscribers to the Newsletter
  • 1.38% CTR to ODP’s Brand Ad, 6.6x higher than Forbes average

In a post-event survey, 89% said they would recommend the event to a friend or colleague, 75% rated the overall event experience 4 or 5 stars out of 5. 88% said knowledge sharing and topic were the main reasons for attending.

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