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Open For Delivery





Positive Provocation

We positively provoked the biggest food delivery service in the US to put their values first and stand up to support local businesses during a time of crisis.



At the start of 2020, DoorDash was one of the fastest growing brands in America, leading the food delivery category in terms of market share. 

We knew media had to do more than it had in the past. Media couldn’t simply be a vehicle for promo codes but serve a broader role for the business in illustrating what the brand stands for and who it stands behind.

 Even before the pandemic, we knew media had untapped potential to serve acquisition and brand building goals.


DoorDash always had strong brand values, yet never featured it in their marketing.  As a company guided by engineers, functional performance marketing always took precedent. So to convince DoorDash that values-based brand building can drive growth, we had to speak their language: we built a performance simulation. 

Using a custom agent-based model that was built on top of Wavemaker’s proprietary Momentum data for DoorDash, we explored simulated investment scenarios against various brand and functional attributes.

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Open for Delivery launched 3/20, one week after Covid-19 was declared a national emergency and one day after California issued a statewide stay-at-home order. The message was simple, poignant and minimally branded.​​

Our first television spot aired nationally on ABC World News Tonight moments after DoorDash posted the initial #OpenForDelivery post and only hours after went live. The site was set up by DoorDash to serve as a primary resource for checking on which nearby restaurants were open for delivery. 

Television spots continued to air that evening across news outlets, broadcast and cable – rolling out to wider cable networks, full episode players, and CTV properties. National T/V provided a steady drumbeat as merchants, consumers, and celebrities joined the hashtag on social, raising the profile of their favorite local spots. 


‘Open for Delivery’ led to significant gains in media performance (+39% increase in CPA efficiency), brand preference (+20%), market share (+8 category share points in Q2), and 1.8m incremental new customers. 

The campaign was also ranked as the top campaign during Covid by Morning Consult and made Ad Week’s list of the best campaigns of the year. DoorDash was ranked the #1 fastest growing brand of 2020.

Customers said DoorDash helped them access food during the Covid-19 shutdown​
Customers said they believe DoorDash helped restaurants in their community

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