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Wavemaker enhances its visual identity with Generative AI

Wavemaker today unveiled a collaboration with artificial intelligence (AI) artist, Kris Kashtanova, which explored using Generative AI to create new concepts, styles and aesthetics for its visual brand identity.

The media agency already uses the orange dot in its logo as a visual representation of the Wavemaker attitude of Positive Provocation; how the Wavemaker teams are always pushing for better ways to grow brands. Wavemaker has now launched a series of 60 GenAI created images based on specific inputs or prompts, all exploring the character of the signature Orange Ball.

Wavemaker is also encouraging its people to be creators and educating them with a toolkit on how to best use Generative AI image creation tools in concordance with its visual identity. The toolkit also covers the importance of ethical and legal considerations, and as new rules and regulations begin to take shape, the toolkit and Wavemaker’s approach will evolve with them.

Katrine Graugaard, Global Head of Marketing at Wavemaker said, “Smart companies understand the power of AI and invest in upskilling its people to harness the technology. Also as an agency marketing team, we have to be explorative and look for new ways to delight our audiences. Working with Kris and tapping into her experience and creativity has been mind-blowing. Together we let our imaginations run wild in the investigation of all the things our Orange Ball could be up to and jamming over all the ways GenAI can be used for on-brand marketing imagery.”

We’ve produced a strong toolkit and a series of images that are deeply interesting, often surprising and sometimes disruptive – always on brand. I can’t wait to see them being used by our teams across the Wavemaker network.”

Katrine Graugaard, Global Head of Marketing

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