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Cannes: The Media Wrap


The big winners at Cannes, including our Titanium champ Shah Rukh Khan My-ad for Cadbury and Coinbase’s Grand Prix-winning Superbowl QR code, have passed into advertising’s hall of fame.

Now it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned and apply it to our work. We’ve pulled out three bespoke themes in our area of expertise, media. They are inspiring and practical, and we can’t wait to put them into action for our clients.

No 01 Go with the flow bucks the Cannes trend of interruptive, splashy campaigns in favour of immersive marketing. Examples from Lay’s, Back Market and Molson.

No 02 Alternative influencer explores the expanding range of carriers of influence being deployed by brands. Examples from Dove, Tourism Whitsundays and Samsung.

No 03 Native ingenuity is about ideas made for platforms, not adapted for them. Examples from Burger King, Doritos and Samsung.

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