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Dynamic Content Optimization Gambrinus 11


Pilsner Urquell


Czech Republic

Positive Provocation

We challenged clients brief and also push digital technological barriers further away.


Encourage frequent Gambrinus 10 drinkers to switch to Gambrinus 11 during weekends. ​Non-ordinary day deserves a non-ordinary beer.

Recently people went from being exposed to holistic touchpoints (combination of mass media + digital + OOH + print) to being in touch with mostly two – TV and digital.​

Therefore the right digital touchpoint mix had to be found in order to deliver the message to our defined target audience – „reward your inner selves“.


Our target group analysis showed that the busiest days in pubs are Thu, Fri and Sat. So we challenged the brief by adding Thursday.​

More importantly, we came up with the idea of using custom dynamic banners reflecting the user‘s location and other attributes.​

This also meant we had to choose digital channels delivering high reach in such a short period of time. ​

So we went for combination of Youtube and Programmatic display.


We used every advantage programmatic buy offers to deliver personalized ads combining more than 1 800 pub locations with multiple messages.​

The message was different each day of the week we ran the campaign, which represented a huge challenge, since we were the first brand to do that.​

However, there were technological challenges.


We found the way how to deliver right message to very specific targetgroup and at the end we connected every single banner impression with client´s sales data.

It lead to create 19 000+ creative variations and more than 9 months of brand exposure thanks to advanced visibility optimization, which proves that Display has still its important position within the digital planning.

19 060
different variants
1 500 000+
video views (combined YT +
2 000
average impressions for each pub location

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