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Influencers at Madrid derby Nivea Men Real Madrid




Czech Republic

Positive Provocation

Our ambition was to challenge the global media campaign where winners from all over the world had a chance to visit the backstage and match of Real Madrid. In the Czech Republic, however, we wanted to go beyond it and provide with such an amazing experience significantly larger group of fans through influencer activities.


We wanted to bring the Nivea Men brand closer to younger men and arouse their interest in cosmetic products. As Nivea Men is the official partner of the Real Madrid team, the key challenge was how to take advantage of such a connection and how to pass this message on to this young target group.


As the official partner of the Real Madrid team, Nivea took advantage of this connection and allowed winners from all over the world to visit the behind-the-scenes and Real Madrid match. In the Czech Republic, however, we approached it completely differently! We wanted to provide an experience for other fans as well. At Wavemaker, based on our research, we selected a pair of influencer friends who will fulfil their dreams of seeing themselves and their fans behind the scenes and an important match of their favourite football team.


Based on our research, in which we evaluated knowledge, relevance, commercial attributes, lifestyle, etc., we selected several influencers in the countries and asked them to nominate a partner to work with on this project. We managed to choose one of the most influential Slovak youtubers Exploited (over 900,000 followers) who nominated his Czech long-time friend VladaVideos (over 620,000 followers). Two friends and genuine Real Madrid fans took their fans on a trip to Madrid to visit their team through videos, instastories and posts. Nivea Men products appeared throughout the communication, which they use as a backdrop for their foolishness.


The campaign brought media coverage in the form of more than 1,000,000 video views, 1,500,000 Instagram posts which ignited more than 200,000 followers reactions. Nivea Men products recorded YOY sales growth of 14%.

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