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MicellAIR event




Czech Republic

Positive Provocation

There is big deal of rivalry among the top beauty influencers on CZ market as they fish in the same pool of followers. Our ambition was to disrupt this set up, bring all the influencers together, provide them with a change to get to know each other and enjoy the night Nivea have designed for them.


To invite around 20 influencers to big event in the Prague city centre. Present them the newest Nivea product in Czech market – black MicellAIR water. Apart from the presentation about MicellAIR water benefits, influencers could try to do their own pillows or bodypainting.


We offered them reward and showed them our hashtags for sharing. Influencers were supposed to use it on their Instagram posts. Event took place in one of the most popular & stylish restaurants in Prague (Momoichi). We introduced how micellAIR water works with bodypainting, so the posts were attractive and catchy.


We organized one of the biggest events with influencers in Czech Republic and we generated much more posts for free than what we expected and what client paid for. One of the key learnings is not to expect influencers would come for free but to give them some incentive and to accommodate the event extraordinarily and modern.


Due to the overall event setup we were able to encourage all 26 involved influencers to generate almost 800 K impressions within just 1 day. Final CPT achieved amazing 63 CZK which is lower by 75% than the standard campaign benchmark

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