Hawley & Hazel Awaken Your Sensory Experience

Our team in Singapore have launched the first-ever OOH 'scentvertising' bus campaign for Hawley & Hazel and their Darlie toothpaste.

Hawley & Hazel had wanted to raise awareness amongst commuters signature freshness of Darlie toothpaste . Hence, the idea of using scent to create a multisensory bus campaign was conceived by Wavemaker and the media owner Media Taurus.

We worked with scent vendor AllSense to create a smell that based on Darlie's signature double mint line (which is a unique blend of Peppermint and Spearmint natural essences). We wanted to our audience to fee the freshness that comes with using Darlie toothpaste: an uplifting start to the day.

“Traditional out of home has always been about creating a visual with impact; a visual feast that can connect audience to the brand. For the first time in a bus, we were able to add another dimension which can tickle the human mind. By adding a sensory element to stand out and engage the senses, we believed it will further elevate our brand experience for people and create an even more lasting impression on them.

Corrine Tan, Senior Brand Manager Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co. Singapore Pte Ltd