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Media iQ: The Pragmatist’s guide to Precision


In the first edition of Media iQ, leading addressability experts Begüm Aras Yoldaş, Head of Digital & Insight at Wavemaker Turkey, and Andrew Spurrier-Dawes, EMEA Head of Precision, take a candid look at why targeted advertising often fails to live up to the hype. From the wave of consumer frustration and privacy legislation sweeping the globe, to the frantic dash for first-party data as cookies crumble, they posit a smart and pragmatic way forward for brands.

Addressability has been hailed as the silver bullet for the chaotic world of digital advertising. Zealously pitched as a hyper-precise way to find audiences across platforms, activate against them and measure the impact of our ads. But there’s a problem. This requires data. And as we all know, the old data structure is not what it used to be.

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