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Let’s grow Wavemaker

Global CEO Toby Jenner has challenged the entire Wavemaker team – 7,200 people across 88 markets – to come up with the very best idea to keep growing the agency for 2020.

We have some of the smartest and most creative minds – why not call upon ourselves to find new ways to drive our agency and our clients’ businesses forward?

Toby Jenner, Global CEO

The Keep growing challenge happens on  9th January, Wavemaker’s official 2nd  birthday, and will see 7,200 Wavemakers come together to find the best finish to this sentence: “ To help Wavemaker keep growing around the world  we will…”.

Toby Jenner is asking the agency to come together to invent, build, borrow, codify or craft an idea that will have a tangible effect on Wavemaker’s business. Designed for clients and the agency, the winning idea must be deliverable with a budget of $25k and should work in and impact every market.    

Each office will deliver one winning idea into the competition, and Wavemakers global leadership team will choose the winner  they believewill make the biggest difference tothe business.  

The  initiative  will start this year and  build  into a yearly tradition.

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