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Wavemaker launches Transformative Growth Toolkit


Wavemaker today launched ‘Transformative Growth Consulting’ a complete business transformation product which sits within our Global Consultancy practice.

The end-to-end toolkit will be deployed by Wavemaker consultants who work with clients to diagnose missed growth opportunities due to lack of adoption of new, future-proofed marketing practices such as AI-based innovation, addressability, eCommerce and advanced analytics.

The consultants run pilots to test the growth potential available from leveraging the various practices, both individually and in combination. Wavemaker’s own activation specialists run the pilots in conjunction with ‘business-as-usual’ marketing to prove impact, and then roll learnings back into the day-to-day media plan.

Anna Hickey, Global Consultancy Lead, Global Client President at Wavemaker, said: “What sets our Transformative Growth Consulting apart from more traditional consultancy is that we not only provide a clear pathway to growth through transformation, but our teams then activate the tests and learns associated with those growth opportunities. It’s a series of pilots that are easier for clients to buy into. Because we see those new pilots all the way through from diagnosis to results, we are fully accountable for the success of everything we recommend. It’s that simple end to end approach that makes transformation more achievable for clients.”

Against a backdrop of disruptive change, Wavemaker’s consultants empower global clients to test and learn their way to new growth and navigate the pathway to adoption of future-proofed marketing practices for brands. The Consultancy helps clients adopt future-proofed marketing practices to advance growth, protect outcomes in the near-term and create disproportionate advantage in the long-term. L’Oréal, Audible, Paramount, Danone and Cadbury are just a few of the household names that the Consultancy has helped to adopt transformative practices to accelerate growth.

Already proving successful for Wavemaker, this next evolution of the media agency has delivered significant returns with the Consultancy representing 20% of business revenue in the last 12 months. Across 80 markets, the team taps into a wider community of over 1,400 subject matter experts, nine centres of excellence and over 1,000 innovation partners. Wavemaker plans to continue investing in hiring the best talent to join this team.

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