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Wavemaker Talks – Black & Proud


A  four-part podcast series written, produced, hosted by Wavemaker Roots. It will feature some very special guests including Nadja Bellan-White, as well as some of our very own Wavemakers. The series will delve into a vast range of topics and issues facing Black people in the UK right now, as well as industry matters to provoke thoughts and questions. Often the history taught in schools focuses on slavery and Black American history, omitting all the amazing things Black people have done throughout history. This month we’ll be taking everyone on a journey of discovery, education and growth, whilst celebrating all the amazing things that encompass being Black, British and proud!

Episode 1: We need better education

In our first episode, we look into why there is lack of knowledge around black British history specifically, and the impact of this on modern Black British culture. We’ll also be discussing who’s responsibility it is to learn such history and the importance of being curious.  Listen to episode 1

Episode 2: What a year we’ve had

In this episode, we took a deeper dive into the current affairs surrounding black British people including Black Lives Matter, allyship and how we move forward. We’ll also be discussing how to have the difficult conversations and #blackouttuesday.Listen to episode 2

Episode 3: Being Black in Adland

Featuring a panel of three fantastic Black women, in this episode you’ll hear about the impact of the intersectionality of being both black and a woman and how it compares to being a black man in the industry.

Tune in to hear viewpoints from Andrea Davis, Client Operations Director for Wavemaker Global, Rachelle Watson-Hill, Growth Director for Wavemaker UK and Nadja Bellan-White, former Chief Client Officer at Ogilvy,  recently been appointed Global CMO of Vice Media, as we dive into our experiences of being black employees in advertising and media.

Listen to episode 3

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