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L-A Seral: Wilkinson Sword Xtreme3 Ultra Flex


Edgewell Personal Care



Positive Provocation

Find influencers with a bigger share of male audience and create engagement with this type of audience.


The brand needed to gain mental share in consumers’ minds versus other (bigger) competitor brands. Having a small budget, we needed to make something bold that would bring attention to Wilkinson’s` campaign and promoted product.

The challenge was to find influencers with a bigger share of male audience, because male influencers in Romania are most likely to be followed by females than males. Also, men are less likely to react to beatify photos in social media feeds, they want more action, more comedy, more entertainment.

Insight + Strategy

In Romania influencers have a lot of credibility and we leveraged this as a halo effect to promote Wilkinson. We chose an emerging web-exclusive miniseries named L-A Seral, created and produced by Matei Dima known as BroMania, one of the first and most appreciated content creators in Romania. Multiple mega influencers were in the series: Ada Condeescu, comedians like Ionut Rusu and Dan Badea and even a popular music artist, Antonia. BroMania’s series is a bitter comedy about education in Romania, a successful attempt to show how does the education work (or does not) especially when it comes to the most vulnerable of its beneficiaries.

In a couple of months, the episode which contained our product placement reached 1 million views and hundreds of positive comments. The followers asked about the quality of the razors, appreciated the bitter humor and even congratulated the actors for the smooth product placement. The fact that the audience of BroMania’s channel resonated with this episode and the Wilkinson’s product placement scene is a great feedback for us and indicates that the campaign was a great success


The product placement was made in a high school class; the teacher is writing the lesson on the blackboard. The teacher turns around, one student (Ionut Rusu as Vivi), the comedic relief of the series, is shaving another student (BroMania as Otter), with Wilkinson Sword. On the package of the razors it is written that with Wilkinson Xtreme3 Ultra Flex razor you can shave anywhere, and they are “anywhere”. A slightly flirtatious exchange follows on the topic between the protagonist and the teacher. This is a romantic subplot that carries throughout the series and is one of the points of appeal of the show.


With great role distribution, bitter humor, smooth and smart jokes and a well-integrated product placement, the project was highly successful.

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