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Positive Provocation

With no budget, we created from scratch a campaign, including the creatives, that fought COVID19 and saved lives in Romania.


The COVID 19 pandemic was increasing in impact. We wanted to help combat it using our comms and marketing capabilities. In April we found that there was already scientific evidence that showed that if 80% of the population wore a simple mask, then the spread of the virus would stop. But the government did not endorse mask-wearing at that moment. Thus, we decided to run our own campaign to promote mask-wearing.

The challenge was to run it without a budget. Produce creatives and expose as many people as possible to them without spending any money. Final objective: convince people to wear masks and thus save lives.

Insight + Strategy

The basis of the campaign was a website that educates on how mask-wearing stops the spread of COVID19. The web platform contained links to scientific research and instructed on how people can manufacture their own masks at home.

We crafted a zero-budget promotion plan to get people on the website. The basis of our communication were influencers because we knew we could convince them to endorse the initiative, free of charge, for its public good significance, rather than for monetary compensation. Furthermore, we used their content to create videos for paid advertising. We pitched the project to clients to get their support in airtime to run this ad on TV where we could reach a higher number of people.

In parallel, we created image creatives which we used as ads. We contacted business partners to distribute it free of charge.


We contacted influencers which we believed would support the initiative for the good it promised to bring. Dozens of influencers accepted the challenge and created videos and pictures to promote mask-wearing among their followers. We developed a TVC using their content. One of our clients, IKEA, donated from their air-time for us to run the TVC on TV.

We also created banner ads which we then ran free of charge through digital media creator networks.

Additionally, we delivered free of charge ads using inventory from the largest DOOH network in Romania and on the subway screen network by taking advantage of their openness to pro-bono initiatives considering their temporary dearth of clients.

We also negotiated appearances on radio shows on two of the largest radio channels in Romania, and a promo on one of them.


3 weeks after our campaign, the Romanian Government made mask-wearing mandatory in all indoor spaces.



Romanians intend to wear masks one month later
Total impressions TV+radio+digital+social+OOH

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