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HUAWEI and Wavemaker launch new, innovative digital advertising platform


Multinational technology company HUAWEI has partnered with Wavemaker South Africa, the regional division of the world’s fifth largest media company, to roll out HUAWEI Ads. HUAWEI’s new advertising platform is disrupting a space that has seen little disruption in recent years, with monoliths largely dominating unchallenged.

However, now, an alternative – and enhanced – approach to advertising is here.

HUAWEI Ads is equipped with everything necessary to ensure that advertising reaches the right people at precisely the right time. Advertisements are selectively delivered to Huawei’s 700 million monthly active users in over 220 global markets with seamless precision. They’re cost effective and can easily be adjusted to extract the most value out of any advertising budget.

“When we heard about HUAWEI Ads, we knew that it was something we wanted to be involved in,” says Shaun Frazao, Chief Strategy Officer at Wavemaker, “And today, we’re delighted to be the first media agency in South Africa to put HUAWEI Ads to use. Being able to execute this new platform here feels nothing short of revolutionary.”

Over the past few years, HUAWEI has been systematically developing its own operating system, HarmonyOS. HarmonyOS was first rolled out on selected smart TVs in August 2019, and became available on Huawei’s smartphones, tablets and smartwatches in June 2021. This transition affected Huawei’s advertising strategy and drove the development of a new advertising platform alongside its new OS.

Forever at the forefront of innovation, HUAWEI stopped at nothing to create a pioneering solution, and HUAWEI Ads was born.

“HUAWEI Ads is HUAWEI’s first proprietary advertising platform, and it achieves everything we set out to achieve,” says Adam Xiao, Managing Director of Huawei Mobile Services in the Middle East and Africa. “It offers a real-time bidding protocol, as well as detailed reporting and insights, and valuable creative campaign optimisation tools. It truly challenges the established platforms already in existence.

“As we sought a partner to implement HUAWEI Ads in South Africa, Wavemaker was an obvious choice. We love the synergy in our approaches to tackling advertising differently, and believe that HUAWEI Ads will live up to its great potential in Wavemaker’s hands.”

Wavemaker has already put HUAWEI Ads to good use for one of its large FMCG clients. The campaign was hugely successful: a total of 1.7 million impressions were achieved; the average clickthrough rate was a remarkable 3.12%; and the average cost per click was just 26 cents. “We were incredibly impressed with these figures,” Frazao adds. “The performance of the campaign is testament to the quality of Huawei’s platform and the value it offers. We’re already working on HUAWEI Ads campaigns with our other clients.”

HUAWEI has a massive presence in the South African market, none of which will be tapped without making full and effective use of Huawei’s new platform. As Frazao says: “If you want to reach Huawei users – and you do – you have to be using HUAWEI Ads.”

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